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Adopt A Child For Christmas JumpStarter Campaign


Help give 5000+Children A Christmas This Year


Vrygrond, Cape Town, South Africa November 11,2015-Where Rainbows Meet a constructive non-profit organisation in Vrygrond, Cape town,South Africa has started a crowdfunding campaign through Jumpstarter South Africa to help the improverished children of the community this Christmas.


Starting this November, the locally founded non-profit organisation Where Rainbows Meet has begun it's Adopt a Child for Christmas Campaign,

focusing on providing some of the world's most victimised children with a real Christmas.The organisation would like to raise over ZAR 15,000.00

to fund the campaign this Christmas season.This event not only provides basic nesessities to the children of the community, but also shows them that they are npt forgotten, unloved ,or condemned to a life of poverty. More than often, children in the community face abuse and neglect from their parents and extreme violence into their adult years.


The Campaign was first attempted in 2014 and was a resounding success with the project raising over ZAR 100,000.00 over 10 times the 

fundraising goal of ZAR 10,000.00. This success allowed the organization to provide not only food,clothes, and medicine, to over 2,500 chlidren,

but also toys,hygiene materials,education materials, and even a safe and community event for the people to enjoy. This year, Where Rainbows Meet hopes to surpass last year with a bigger impact through this campaign in order to give back to this community in a unique fashion.


The very active nature of the organization paired with it's very real presence in the hearts and minds of the local commnity means that every donation will make a real difference in the lives of these children and will not be just another drop in the basket.


"I'm really excited to be part of this Adopt a Child for Christmas Campaig. It will be interesting to see how far we can go with the Jumpstarter, considering we can reach donors worldwide,"said Alicia McClintock,an international volunteer from the United States.



Since 2008, Where Rainbows Meet has  for a wide variety of programmes to provide education ,food, a legal outlet for crimes commited against members of it's communityand a place to provide loving care to local children who are abused ,neglected,and/or abandoned.

Programmes for all members of the community include:Early Childhood Development,Youth Development, Nutrition, Computer and Life skills training,Organic gardening,and the Siyazenzela beading and sewing centre.


Everyone is welcome to attend the events on December the 10th and 14th .


For more information on Where Rainbows Meet,visit www.whererainbowsmeet.org


Media Contact

Kyle Luke Cupido

Project Manager

Where Rainbows Meet Training and Development Foundation

+27 21 701 0328







Adopt A Child For Christmas 


Dear Friends of Rainbows, Our "Adopt A Child For Christmas" Pledge has begun, To all our international & local volunteers, staff, friends and family of Rainbows, spread the word far and wide, as we plead once again to everyone to make a difference in a child's life this Christmas!. Last year's pledge was a huge success, thanks to all of your warm hearts and hope you could continue this tradition with us. This year hope to reach over 5000 kids this. Please donate towards our cause as we hope to reach even more kids this year. See our poster below for our details. Together we can make a bigger difference.


Computer training

After a short Holiday break the computer training has started again and many new students have already applied for the course. We are so happy to see that so many are interested in our course but we have room for more. It is amazing that so many want to have the knowledge about how to use a computer and want to improve their life skills and opportunities for getting a job. It is an 8 weeks course and throughout those weeks they will also once a week have a life skills course where they will discus different topics with the international volunteers.

Graduation June 2015


On Friday 12th of June, WRM was proud to graduate 77 students at the Capricorn Primary School Hall. A huge ceremony was organized  to congratulate all the students from the computer & life skills students to the business and the sewing and beading training! The event was animated by our youth dance group GFC who gave an amazing dance performances. 

Despite the last minutes problems, of the electricity failure, the event started on time and it was brilliant! The WRM team was delighted to see all the graduates pleased, with huge smiles on their faces !


We can say today that we are very proud of all of our students and of the hard work that they put in to succeed! 


Thank you to everyone who came to the event and to Mrs S.Hassen for allowing us to use this hall !


Computer training

After a short Holiday break the computer training has started again and many new students have already applied for the course. We are so happy to see that so many are interested in our course but we have room for more. It is amazing that so many want to have the knowledge about how to use a computer and want to improve their life skills and opportunities for getting a job. It is an 8 weeks course and throughout those weeks they will also once a week have a life skills course where they will discus different topics with the international volunteers.

Italian Panzerotti & Pizza for people working at Where Rainbows Meet


Today the Italian "Chef Sebastiano Boccomino" taught how to cook delicious Pizza and Panzerotti at Where Rainbows Meet!!! It was a unique experience and evrybody enjoyed the real flavor of Italy.

Pizza is Pizza and also far away from home we Italians can always surprise people.

There is no better than the Italian Food. We have the best cuisine in the world but I also must say that people not willing to try and test other types of cuisine cannot really understand the reason of my choice.

There is a lot of ignorance in our Country on this topic reported "Chef Sebastiano Boccomino". Most of the people do not try other types of cuisine because they simply do not trust to do it and are pretty closed minded from the birth.

This is really a shame as it shows me that people in my country are still not ready to Love what is beautiful and good outside our boarders. When I go abroad though, I find the opposite with most of the persons I meet.

So please open your mind and you will see that you will also be able to open your mouth to new flavors in your life. Word of "Chef Sebastiano Boccomino", not known to the most, but appreciated by the few who have always loved its delicious and unique cuisine.

Food is Love and if you cannot Love you cannot cook with your Heart!

Of course this is applicable to anything you do and you think in your life. This is actually what makes of us Human Beings better than animals, at least so it is said to be!Together We Can Make a Bigger Difference!

Sebastiano Boccomino


Adopt A Family Project

Last Sunday night (29th of March, 2015) something horrible happened. A house was burned to the ground and those flames left the family with nothing in their life anymore.

The fire started at four o’clock in the morning. The family was sleeping in their bedrooms. Luckily one of them, Sandra, the mother, woke up due to people screaming on the street. At that moment the house was already burning. Sandra was so quick to wake the other family members up and all of them were able to leave the house and save their lives just on time. Sandra and her two daughters, one of them has got a baby, have got nothing any more. They have not lost their house, they have lost their home. There are now just memories of their home left. Last November the family restructured their house. Now they must start from the beginning again.

The night after the fire Sandra and one of her daughters slept outside to protect the few things that survived the fire. They didn’t want to lose more than they had already lost. They kept each other awake by telling each other stories. Sandra’s nephew and her other daughter spent the night by friends who were willing to open their doors for them. The baby is suffering a long term disease as well as the mom, this is enough to understand that this family needs its home back as quick as possible. Unfortunately they don’t have money to rebuild their home within a short frame of time. They just have to take it day by day. One of the daughters said that crying is not going to help them, they have to move on. They have to focus on having their roof back. This family has showed and transmitted us a lot of courage.

Apparently the fire wasn’t an accident. Someone started the fire. People on the street reported to having seen a person with a lighter setting the house on fire. They said that the arsonist intention was to put the neighbor’s house on fire. But it was Sandra’s house that was destroyed by the flames instead. What kind of revenge is destroying someone else’s life?

The government is not really helping Sandra’s family. The only thing they have done so far was giving them a starter kit with some poles and plates. Not one persons of the government came to see what had happened, no one came to talk to them. Mymoena Scholtz (Director) and Kevin Aerts, our Belgian volunteer of Where Rainbows Meet, was the first people to whom the family could tell what had happened.

During his visit, Kevin reported that other four local volunteers were working on creating a temporary shelter to the family from rain and sun. So at least the family does not have to sleep outside anymore. To re-build the shelter they used their creativity by getting it done with the plates which were burned by the fire along with those few which were furnished by the government in the small starter’s kit.

There is a lot more to do for this family. There is a lot more the government can do. There is a lot more we all can do together to combat revenges and the destroying of people’s lives in our community. Rainbows plays a significant role where disasters are concern, and try and restore human dignity within the various communities we serve. We cannot do it alone though, and appeal to the public to support us financially to re-built a new home for this family. To see the trauma and the damages caused by these fires, do not allow the families to think about this, but as an organization we play a vital role in order to give support in this way, cause together we can make a bigger difference. Monies can be deposited in the account of the foundation with the reference fire victims. Bank details are on the website and please use the EU account.

Thank you and God bless.

Kevin Aerts & Sebastiano Boccomino

Human Rights Day 2015



On the 20th of March 2015, “Human Rights Day Celebration 2015” was held in the community of Vrygrond by Where Rainbows Meet. Many people visited the celebration not only from Vrygrond but also from neighboring communities. The Media were present and gave an important coverture of the event. This was an important appointment which took the community of Vrygrond and the total number of attendance was more than 1300 people according to Ricky Fakier of WRM.

The appointment for everybody was at Where Rainbows Meet at 09:00 a.m. Counsillor Shaun August held a speech to the community about Human Rights. After the speech the March started and all participants walked all over the Township. The atmosphere was really great.

In the late Morning a soccer tournament was also held for youngsters and volunteers. At the same time at Where Rainbows Meet many people of the community were entertained with music, games and food.

The Human Rights Programme therefore was a huge success. Thank you everyone for making it a memorable day by creating awareness in Vrygrond and surrounding areas. A special thanks goes to Projects Abroad and Coca Cola for having been our partner for this event as well as MTN Television.     Together we can make a big difference.

The upcoming event which WRM schedules is “Youth Day” in June. Keep an eye on Vrygrond and WRM!

Sebastiano Boccomino

Adopt A Child For Christmas

It's that time of the year again, CHRISTMAS!!! & we are running a pledge for the kids in the community, called Adopt A Child For Christmas campaign. By donating just R100 you can give a kid a meal, a toy and clothing this Christmas. Remember, Together We Can Make A Bigger Difference.

Where Rainbows Meet

Very first fundraiser event- 04.11.2014.


On 31st of October, the Halloween Day, Where Rainbows Meet did very first fundraising event at Elfindale hall, Heathfield.

WRM had been making plan of the event from the early October with an international volunteer from USA. This time we invited volunteers from Projects Abroad, one of our partners, over 60 people enjoyed music and games, and the event finished with prosperity.

Furthermore, as we mentioned before, this event was run with the cooperation of Betty’s Ale, one of the local business in the community of Vrygrond. We are very satisfied that the collaboration with the community member also succeed.

The first objection of this event was to collect the budget for repairing the floor of our ECD. The budget could not be covered only by this event as we estimated; however we would like to utilize the experience from this very first fundraiser and to do bigger and better one next time.

Cooking Day with Projects Abroad-23.10.2014.


On 23rd of October WRM welcomed volunteers from one of our partners Projects Abroad and they cooked vegetable pasta for the children in the community. On this day volunteers who usually work at crèches in Vrygrond joined our kitchen project and served pasta to over 100 children from 4 crèches and people in the community including kids in our ECD.

Business class graduation - 22.10.2014.

21st of October was Graduation Day for the business student at Where Rainbows Meet. Students have completed a 2 weeks business course led by our international volunteer from Indonesia. The business course ran from the 2nd of October until the 20th of October where the students came to give their final presentation. At the graduation, students and volunteer played games, had lunch and cakes. Congratulation to all students for performing well in this workshop!

Meeting with a business in the community – 16.10.2014.


On 16th of October Where Rainbows Meet had a meeting with Beth’s Tavern within the community of Vrygrond.

WRM is planning a very first fundraiser event lead by our international volunteers on 31st of October. This time will be the first one however we are aiming at developing this event as annual/monthly basis and we want to supply stable fund for WRM which can be a big support for the project.


In connection with this fundraising event, WRM will corporate with Beth’s Tavern, one of a local business at Vrygrond. Patricia Tromp from Beth’s Tavern finished business classes at WRM last year and will collaborate with us by providing us drinks. In today’s meeting we discussed and confirmed a variety of drinks and logistics of the day of the event.

With regards with collaborating with a business in Vrygrond, especially with our business graduates in the community, we are so excited to vitalize local business and to show how our business class is valuable.

School holiday in South Africa – 09.10.2014.


Where Rainbows Meet is running a holiday program at the community of Vrygrond. It is a 3rd school holiday week from 4th to 12th of October in South Africa. Based on that WRM and our ECD (early child development) member provides kids in the community activities such as dance and exercise for the week. WRM and our Sisonke kitchen also provides lunch for children who attended holiday program.

Photo shooting at WRM – 08.10.2014.

 Where Rainbows Meet did a photo shooting on 3rd of October.

Our “Siyazenzela sewing and beading center” started their activity since the establishment of the organization; however their marketing area was limited. In order to conquer this situation WRM did a photo shooting of their products. Creators modeled by their selves and took photos of their African cloths and beads.

Those photos will be uploaded on internet and our community newsletter.

Business Workshop at Where Rainbows Meet – 01.10.2014.


A free Business Workshop will be held at Where Rainbows Meet from this Thursday the 2nd of October for people in the Vrygrond community who are interested in starting their own business or expand their current one.

The class is led by one of our volunteers from Indonesia; Drika Asaari whereby she will be teaching the basics knowledge that these entrepreneurs will need in order to start / grow their businesses.

Classes will be held from Monday to Thursday at 12.30pm to 13.30pm for a period of 2 weeks.

After completion of this program the participants will be given a certificate which states they have completed the Business Workshop Program with us.


Any question please contact 021 701 0328 or kyo1307@gmail.com

Heritage Day – 30.09.2014.


Where Rainbows Meet celebrated Heritage Day on 24th September. On this day, South Africans are encouraged to celebrate their culture and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions.

Based on that WRM had event at community of Vrygrond, crowds celebrated the day with dances and songs.

The highlight of the day was speech from the people of Vrygrond. Our community has many people from different background and different heritages, such as colored, Zulu, Xhosa and so forth. Those people made speeches in order to share their heritage with people using their traditional costumes and make ups.

Fire in the community - 29.09.2014.


The house of our volunteer burnt down this morning. Her house is located in the community of Vrygrond and just a one block away from the organization. Fire engine arrived relatively fast this time and the whole family was safe however they lost everything. This is the third fire in past 4 months. Any donation for the family please contact us 021 701 0328.

Problem in our ECD - 22.09.2014.


Our ECD is facing difficult situation. Rainbows’ crèche called Early Child Development (ECD) currently has over 50 children now, and it was revealed that their floor has a big problem. According to health inspector, Children are in danger of injury because of the crack (picture). Estimated cost for fixing the floor is approximately 20000rands, ECD must be closed if it’s not be completed.

Fire in Lavender Hill - 19.09.2014.


In the early hours of the morning on the 18th September, a fire occurred in Lavender Hill which is a neighboring community of Vrygrond. Three wooden houses behind the normal house burnt down, one person passed away, two kids burnt their hands, and three families lost everything.

These incidents happens frequently in South Africa’s townships. Many houses were founded very close each other, then spreading of fire is inevitable once conflagration started. Some people steal properties from the scene and sell them. Many tragedies were happened in same story and essential solution hasn’t been established yet.

Where Rainbows Meet focused on situations like disaster management and outreach in order to help rebuilt families through counseling as well as donations in kind. The aim of “Rainbows Save A Life project” is to educate the community with regards to first-aid and what actions they need to take before the ambulance/fire fighter arrives at the scene. Classes includes information on first-aid/health/medical treatment via workshop.

Fire victims now stay in two bed room flat with more than 15 people. The families need food, furniture as well as clothing and billing. Urgent support is indispensable for them.

Any donation please contact us +27 (0)21 701 0328.

3 children at Where Rainbows Meet – 15.09.2014.

Last week 3 children from drug related families were left at Where Rainbows Meet. They are looked after by Rainbow member Farieda Johannes who works at our kitchen. We wish 3 kids including 3 month old baby bright future!

Establishment of Where RainbowsMeet community newsletter -11.09.2014.


Where Rainbows Meet launched newsletter about the community of Vrygrond.
WRM has been publicized our activities via facebook or this page, and the establishment of community newsletter gives more people an opportunity to know about the community and WRM.
Main contents of newsletter will be things happend in the community of Vrygrond and activities of WRM in last 2 months, and it is planned to be distributed Vrygrond and surrounding community. The first edition is A4 sized 3000 copies in color, but we still aim for bigger scale. 


Also WRM is looking for business owners and companies which would like to publish an advertisement on our newsletter, we can offer big space with reasonable price.

Please contact our project manager Ricky(ricky@whererainbowsmeet.org) for more details.

Great contribution of international volunteer - 08.09.2014.


Italian volunteer Annalisa Piva, who participated Rainbows last August, contributed an article about her experience in Cape Town to a newspaper in San Marino called "San Marino notizie". She wrote about the reality of townships, activities of Rainbows, coming up event called "rainbows' summer festival 2014" with people in San Marino. We are so proud of international volunteers who continues contribution to Rainbows and the community of rygrond after they left South Africa. Below are links to article and video(Italian).


Article: Annalisa Piva. Assieme possiamo fare la differenza http://www.sanmarinonotizie.com/2014/08/25/annalisa-piva-assieme-possiamo-fare-la-differenza/


Video: Volontariato: una ragazza sammarinese in Sudafrica. L'intervista ad Annalisa Piva


Women's Day celebration 2014 - 09.08.2014.


From our international volunteer Aranka van Dalen (the Netherlands).


On Saturday, the 9th of August we celebrated Women’s day. We started al little later than planned, but the day was still a big success! The attendance was great, the whole Green church was full of women; in total we welcomed over 350 women. Our programme consisted of speeches, sing and dance performance and initiatives of the women themselves. The singers of the day were: Janine Van Balla, Prudence and Basil. They are all local people with beautiful voices and we were very glad they wanted to sing during this special day. The dancers were all Rainbow groups which created wonderful choreographies. A special thanks for them, we know how hard they worked to give the perfect performance and they did it! You could see that the women really enjoyed all the performance because they started singing and dancing as well! It was so wonderful to see how happy they were and we are glad we can do that for the Vrygrond women. The highlight of Women’s day was the moment some women from Vrygrond stood up and shared their stories with the other women. Very sad stories about their tough life and abusing. We’re very proud of this strong women to stand up and share all their stories, even though it’s very hard for them to talk about it. This women are really an example of independent women and they’re an inspiration for the other women. In shot Women’s day was a big success because of the enthusiasm of the women, the deployment our staff and our sponsors: Coca Cola and Jive.

Mandela Day - 18.07.2014.


From our international volunteer Aranka Van Dalen (the Netherlands):


On Friday, the 18th of July, was Mandela Day. In commemoration of the late president who Nelson Mandela has spent 67 years making the world a better place. So we asked the community for 67 minutes of their time doing something to make the community a better place and we are very happy to say that a lot of people gave themselves. We started with a central introduction: Michael Mjonono told us about the dream he had last night, his dream was about Nelson Mandela. After that we sang the national anthem and Mymoena Scholtz told us what was going to happen today. We had different programs.

The children were getting face painted and they colored in pictures of Nelson Mandela. We give the children’s programme 67 minutes longer than normally. We also had a clean – up campaign in the community. They cleaned the street, and made a line with tire in order to show this place is Rainbows’ friendly. Some of the people from the community even give us more than 67 minutes, which was even better!

Some residents were peeling the vegetables and so help in the community kitchen. The kitchen made ample food, to cater for everyone who wanted to have some soup could get some. We fed 300 people for the day, because Mandela Day is a day of giving and we ensured that many people benefited on the day.

In the afternoon (3 pm) we launched the Save a Life project were we welcomed international delegates and showed them what we do at the organization. Where Rainbows with the hope that hope one of them will give their support in order for us to continue our much needed services, to our beneficiaries. We finished with a performance of the dance crew that the delegates really liked. In short it was an extremely successful day!

In the spirit of Ubuntu and the Legacy of our president the core values our organization was built on.

 Youth Day Celebration 2014 – 19.07.2014.


Last 16th of June, Where Rainbows Meet finally held "Youth Day Celebration 2014" in the community of Vrygrond.

Free distribution of drinks by JIVE, HIV/Aids testing station, bikers display, jumping castle were provided to people who attended the event. And on the stage, there were over 30contents includes performing dance, singing, motivational speech to the participants and we celebrated the National Youth Day with the people of the community.

Furthermore the Youth Day Celebration made the front page of the regional newspaper "people's post" the other day and WRM made known the contribution to the community and the energy of Vrygrond.

In addition, we would like appreciate our sponsors and people of the community. This event could not take place without the cooperation by them.

Fire in Vrygrond - 15.07.2014.


From our international volunteer Aranka (the Netherlands):


Yesterday, the 15th of July, there was a fire in the Apple Street, Vrygrond. The smoke came up all the houses, and we just followed the smoke until the house. When we entered the street of the fire, the whole street was full of people who were watching the fire. The flames were above the roof and there were people from Vrygrond on the burning roof too, trying to stop the fire. They did the best they could, but to go on a burning roof without any protection is very dangerous.  Even that this is very dangerous they still did it, because it took such a long time before the fire fighters were here, to be precise 30 minutes. When they finally arrived, it also took a long time for them to get ready and start extinguishing. In that time, there was already almost nothing left of the house. If this wasn’t enough was the water of the firefighters ran out after 15 minutes, so they had to wait for another car that is still full. I was totally shocked that it took such a long time before the firefighters finally did something. This is a good example why we need to start as quick as possible with the first the Save a Life Project. In the Save a Life Project we want to train people to handle in this kind of situations. We want to bridge the time until the real social workers finally come. I hope the next time there is a fire, the people from the Save a Life Project can help.

Where Rainbows Meet Graduation 2014 - 01.07.2014


26th of June 2014, Where Rainbows Meet held “Graduation 2014”. This is an annual event, which celebrates the achievement of several classes and projects of WRM. This year students of morning/afternoon/evening computer classes, ladies from sewing & beading project, our soccer team, students from business class gathered and celebrated together.

The graduation went on with the MC by our project manager, Ricky, and had contents such as short speech by Mymoena, encouraging song by Bazil, comments by attendances…and much more. Every graduates dressed in cloaks and received certificate from WRM. Supper were also served, and the ceremony finished very successfully.

Furthermore, the new coming up project by WRM called “rainbows’ save a life project” was announced in the graduation, and many people who attended graduation visited WRM next day in order to resister for the new project.


Rainbow's Save a Life Project - 25.06.2014


From our international volunteer Mihai(USA):


Today, the project manager of Where Rainbows Meet, Ricky, and four international volunteers, Natsuki, Baptiste, Stefano, and I met with Craig Hartley of St. Johns Ambulance to present our Save a Life proposal.

We explained how there are lots of disasters in the community of Vrygrond and surround informal settlements and sometimes it takes medical personnel to arrive. If it takes too long, a person that is seriously injured could die because they are not getting treatment right away. We want to get funding to be able to train individuals in the community. We want to train them in First Aid. If they are trained and pass the course, then they can arrive on the scene of a disaster very quickly and tend to those who have been affected negatively. This could be very crucial because a life could be saved instead of having to wait for the ambulance to arrive. Craig Hartley loved the idea and is willing to participate with us! Our next step is to think about what program we want to use and then when we have figured that out, we will meet with him again and get things rolling!

National Soup Day in Vrygrond - 19.06.2014


Last Thursday Where Rainbows Meet welcomed DENNY, the largest producer and marketer of mushrooms in South Africa, and distributed mushroom soup to the Vrygrond community through “SOUP2GIVE” campaign.

DENNY established “national soup day” in 2011 and supply soup to primary schools and townships for unfortunate communities in South Africa.

National soup day hold in every winter season and it was June 22 in this year. This project focuses on contribution to the communities rather than just marketing or branding, and DENNY is going to go around 6 places in Western Cape and 4 places in Johannesburg this year.

Furthermore, people can join “SOUP2GIVE” project by purchasing products by DENNY. 40 cents from the price will be donated to the project when you purchase the product by DENNY with “SOUP2GIVE” sticker.

Shop burned down in Vrygrond - 02.06.2014


Last night a big Shop, called the Amaguna Shop (which is well known) and three houses next door burned down in our community. The shop is right down the street from Where Rainbows Meet and the houses that was ruined had three families. We are sorting through clothes to give to the families that were affected by the fire.


This is very sad to see but it is nice to know that others from the community are helping out by going through the wreckage and donating material to the victims.

Business Meeting WRM with Department of Health - 29.05.2014


Where Rainbows Meet had a business meeting with the Department of Health in Plumstead last Thursday. We presented our new Project - the First Aid Project - to the Coordinator of Health Program Ms. Kelebogile Shuping.

To enable further support for our Community of Vrygrond we want to launch this Project as soon as possible. Spread the Word!

Life Skill Workshop - 14.05.2014


This Wednesday our Life Skill Team provided a job interview training to the community of Vryground. Our team is convinced that finding a job is mainly about the first impression, your behavior and your self-representation during an Interview. We tried to improve their skills and every student came with the motivation of overcoming their lack of communication competencies. The Life Skill Training allowed them to be more conscious of their weaknesses and to improve their strengths at all.


We are looking forward for our next workshops!

WRM received highest award - 29.04.2014 


From our international volunteer Tim (Germany):


Our Director and founder of Vryground NGO - Where Rainbows Meet - Mymoena Scholtz received the highest award presented by the Rotary Club in recognition of her work in the community! The well-known newspaper Southern Mail presented an article on Wendnesday 2nd of April. 



The Article further outlines: 

"She was surprised when she was given the Paul Harris Fellowship award on Wednesday March 26. Ms Scholtz, said: “I was completely stunned when I received this prestigious award. “It’s my calling to work in the community, now for over 10 years and this award motivates me to work harder. “Thank you to the Rotary Club who showed their faith in me and who value my work.”

According to John Connah, chairperson of the International Committee of Chester Rotary Club, in England, “the Paul Harris Fellowship award is given to anyone who has gone the extra mile in the community” (..) “In all my 16 years at the Rotary I have never come across a Paul Harris Fellowship award to a more deserving person than Mymoena,” he said. The award was created in memory of Paul Harris who established the Rotary Club over 106 years ago.

It acknowledges the outstanding contribution and exceptional service of members of the community or the club. Rotary also gave Where Rainbows Meet R10 000, which the NGO plans to spend on their vegetable garden.

Ms Scholtz said: “The award was a surprise and the R10 000 cheque was a generous gesture. “Where Rainbows Meet feeds 200 people a day (..) now we are focusing on people with chronic illness” further “The rule is that to get a meal free, anyone who joins must attend an awareness programme on health and how to treat illnesses.

“We give them a hearty meal such as samp, beans, lentils and veggies.” Ms Scholtz said Gill Atkins, a volunteer at Kromboom Rotary Club, had asked for a list of their needs and they requested help with their garden. Ms Atkins said: “At Where Rain- bows Meet we have a successful sewing room where women sew bags, make jewellery, do beading and more.”

Ms Atkins said Rotary had sponsored the counseling room, the kitchen and the paving. Winter is coming and Overcome Heights Informal Settlement residents suffered floods and recently many fires. The clothing bank of Where Rainbows Meet is running dry and they need support." (Source: Southern Mail)

Freedom Day - 28.04.2014 


From our Director Mymoena Scholtz:


"What a blessed day celebrating Freedom Day, Tata your legacy lives on in all of us, we will never forget the sacrifices that were made in order for us to be Free!! Freedom is here!! And we walk free!! Without a Pass!! Those were the words that was echoed at the Rainbows today. There was dancing, singing, drama, poetry gospel singers and many activities, the new MC was awesome:) You could see how he loved the crowed and how he entertained them, we had breaks in between, but the people just wanted more:) I want to Thank all the staff, Kyle Cupido, Samanta Jacobs, Farieda Johannes, Sharief Jappie Jacobs, Nuraan Harris, Roger Daames, The Siyazenzela ladies, all the youth Senior and Junior GFC members, they are so many I cannot even write all the names otherwise it will take up all my space! For a fantastic event put together, and a special Thank you to our guest performers Ricardo Speelman, with his Choir, they were amazing!


Thank you for making the community aware, why this day is so important to celebrate! God Bless you all!"

Feeding the Community - 26.04.2014


From our international volunteer Tim (Germany):


There is nothing more precious and joyous in giving and sharing to others - especially to our children! We are very happy to have the ability to do this day. For this week we fed more than 1000 kids!

A nice story to tell can be seen on the photo above:

The boy in the navy blue t-shirt got a potato in his bowl, and the nicest thing he did - although the potato was so small - he broke it in half and shared it with his friend!

This is what humanity is about! Keep the spirit!


Dirty Day - 23.04.2014


From our international volunteer Tim (Germany):


In 2011, Where Rainbows Meet took over a gardening project next to the compound which was founded and later abandoned by another organization. With the help of our sponsor Totalgaz, we set up the garden. The vegetables go to the community kitchen of Where Rainbows Meet, to feed the children and the community people of Vrygrond.

The courageous women working in the garden have a container where they have meetings, where they eat and socialize. However, this container gave them no dignity. Indeed the place where they live was a total mess in comparison to the service they provide to the community in order to improve the conditions of the women working in the garden. We decided to organize a dirty day to paint and give a new breathe to this container. 7 volunteers from the building project joined and worked hard with us.

Finally we were satisfied and able to serve a meal for everybody. The whole day was a success and we are thankful for our sponsor of the day, Projects Abroad!

Generation for Change


Many children in the Vrygrond community are confronted with the desperation and misery of street life. The Generation for Change program offers these children several activities during their holidays in which they can participate and was created as a way to keep the children away from the influences of the streets. Thanks to this initiative, they can enjoy their holidays. Starting as a volunteer at the age of thirteen as a youth developer, our staff member Samantha is now the leader of the Generation for Change program. With the help of fifteen volunteers, for one week Samantha and her team organize a multitude of activities for the participating children. These activities take place in groups, with the main goal being to entertain and educate. The children are led in activities such as singing, team games and also take part in motivational talks as well as learn lessons about hygiene and how to be safe in the township. These days are finally embellished by a nice shared lunch between volunteers and children.

Chelsea at work in the sewing center of Where Rainbows Meet

Interview with Chelsea Wilson, a fashion design student from Cape Town who makes her products in collaboration with our sewing center.

"A year and a half ago I started a business that manufactures and sells socks. Recently I decided to also make functional bags, for laptops, gardening tools etc. My products are made from 100% organic fabrics and manufactured in a sustainable way.
I chose to work with the ladies in the sewing center of Where Rainbows Meet because I have always been concerned with uplifting the community. The ladies here have the skills, but might not have the means to turn their creations into something that can actually provide them with an income.

I first heard about Where Rainbows Meet a year ago from a friend who works as a social worker. Since then, I developed a relationship with the women at the center seeing as it is important to have a connection with the people you work with. This collaboration is mutually beneficial in which we help each other.  They are very willing, eager and enthusiastic about working with me.

I hope to sell these bags at a few retailers around Cape Town. My products are already sold at a few of these retailers, like SAM in Breestreet and Cloth and Steel in Kloff Street. I am also building an online store to sell these products to customers anywhere around the world."

This afternoon, women from all over the Capricorn area gathered at Where Rainbows Meet to travel together to Steenberg to the Full Gospel Church to take part in the Networking Divas Conference. The conference, which was being streamed online all over the world, was hosted by Ms. Monica Sparks in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Ms. Sparks is an entrepreneur who among other ventures, hosts a talk radio show on weekday mornings in the United States.  At Rainbows, over 125 women registered with the staff and volunteers with many more joining once the group had arrived at the church.  After a brief introduction from the Rainbows director, the live-stream began as the women joined the conference as spectators even from 13,567 kilometers away. 

What is going on around the community centre?

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